J.Marie Custom Events and Culinary Services, serving the greater Sacramento area, is your superior source for event coordination and even personal chef needs, whether your event is cooperate or home based.

The love and care that is rendered, to the creation, personalities and details of all events, are found within J. Marie Custom Events and staff and partners. Superior quality, knowledge, and high standards of execution are what we pride ourselves on and how we measure our success. It is not how many events we do; it is how great the event!

“The word ‘hospitality’ comes from two Greek words. The first word means ‘love’ and the second word means ‘strangers.’ It’s a word that means ‘love of strangers.’”

--Nancy Leigh DeMoss

J. Marie Custom Events and Culinary Services was established in 2006, with an understanding that people need assistance to enjoy events. Support for these venues, guests, hosts and owners became a priority and their success became our business.

Jordan Brushia, Owner and Sole Proprietor, has been in the Hospitality Industry for 15 years. Experienced in event sales, venue management, staff training, wine sales, event coordination, event design and being a chef, she brings the perspective of all vendors that help to create a great event and understands what support is required from all involved. She is highly organized, passionate, and determined to find strategic plans of execution that bring the needs of her clients to the forefront.

If you are planning to hold an event, call J. Marie Custom Events and Culinary Services to take the pressure off you and know that your event will be excellent! Call today for a free initial consultation!